Your maid stole? what is your action?

Your maid stole? what is your action?

Steal is to take someone else’s property with no right to own it without the owner’s permission.  It is the habit we hear and always prevail in society now. The reason is simple. It’s very difficult to accept and deal with problems. So , how to handle and identify that your philippines maid malaysia is not completely honest with you. Let’s see!

Signs that maids is stealing 

As an employer we can’t make wrong actions by accusing your maid without evidence.  So, there are certain signs that are difficult to misinterpret:

  • Always lose money.
  • You see that your personal things are misplaced.
  • Your cosmetics, soaps, and other toiletries are missing. 

You need to take immediate action if you are sure your maids service Malaysia stole. The easier it is to address the problem.

What to do when you’re sure 

  • contact with the employer
  • Intimidation
  • call the police

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