What You Should Know

Most Costly Headache

Runaway maids have proven to be a very serious problem. Statistics show that there are about 800 maids from a neighbouring country who abscond every month in Malaysia. Many employers prefer to employ these maids because of lower wages and application costs.

Although it may initially appear to be less costly in employing these maids, it can actually turn out to be very costly if these maids were to run away after the third month or later. Employers stand to lose an average about RM5,000 – RM6,000.00 per runaway maid. Many employers have discovered much to their dismay that “cheaper” actually turns out to be more costly. Reasons for maids running away include low salary, inability to manage their work responsibilites or attitude problems.

Speed at the Cost of Quality

There have been many instances of employers who require maids very urgently. They were willing to pay premium salaries to employ a maid within a week. Such “instant maids” are often not officially trained. The reasons they are very easily available include the following:
i) These “maids” are on loan from someone to temporarily appease the employer in order to cut waiting time. This is illegal.

ii) These “maids” are already in Malaysia and came in on social visit passes. They are categorised as tourists and not permitted to work.

iii) These “maids” have overstayed. Their applications to the immigration or embassy to renew their visas have been rejected possibly because they have entered the country illegally.

What E-Job Maid Agency

OUR Agency is responsible to process the employer’s and the maid’s documentation with immigration Malaysia, The Embassy of Phillipines in Malaysia, Philipines Overseas Labor office and Phillipine Overseas Employment Administration. It will take 20 – 25 working days for all the processes. Then we will do the clearance at Malaysia airport upon arrival of the maids and then will prepare the medical check up (Fomema) where the clinic’s selected by the employer itself.

Our agency also responsible for the welfare of the maid and to ensure the maid works properly. We also provide 2 yrs counseling service for the maid if she need to be counsel.

TESDA CERTIFICATE ( Technical Education & Skills Development Authority) – 5 days

PDOS CERTIFICATE ( Pre Departure Orientation Language & Culture Seminar by OWWA) – 3 days

AGENSI PEKERJAAN E-JOB SDN BHD is officially approved by and registered with the Malaysian Immigration. It is also endorsed by the Philippine Embassy in Malaysia and givenpermission to coordinate with the sanctioned Manpower Agency in Philippines – Star World and MIMC. Our maids have to be in their country of origin and can only come in legally and officially as professional trained domestic housemaids approved by the Philippine Embassy after clearance from the Immigration Department of Malaysia.

E-JOB maids are specially interviewed and recruited by our Philippine Executive Maid Counselor who knows them and their families personally. These quality checks are carried out in a transparent and proper way so that there will be no runaway maids. You will have peace of mind, get value for your money and not have to suffer financial loss in the long run. Another definite benefit of having a Filipino Maid is that your children will be able to learn English from them.

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