What Do Maids Normally Not Clean?

What Do Maids Normally Not Clean?

A maid is a great way to keep your home clean and save yourself lots of time.
With a maid, you can make your home cleaner than you could have done. Through
a Maid Service in Malaysia, you can hire for your home a hardworking maid that will
ease you of a lot of stress. Not everyone enjoy doing house chores, if you don’t have
a choice than to do it and you are still not getting results, you may consider getting
Malaysia maid agency to get you a maid that can do it excellently. You home stand a
chance of being cleaner with a maid in Malaysia helping you out.

Nonetheless, most maids in Malaysia are hardworking but there are some
aspect of cleaning that they all avoid. Knowing what they avoid, you’ll be able to
monitor and keep a close eye to ensure it is thoroughly cleaned. That’s the essence
of this article, to help you and the Maid Agency in Malaysia get value out of your
maid. If you know you can afford a maid service in Malaysia, you will be caught up
between going independent or contracting a maid agency in Malaysia, the latter is
the better option. Corporate maid agency services in Malaysia takes away all the
stress and liability from you, putting you on the right side of the law.
So what would maids normally not clean? It doesn’t appear important but
you’ll be saving yourself a lot of hassles if you know now;

1. Sponges

That’s what maids use in cleaning the home, but they rarely take care of the
sponges. What you don’t know is that sponges breeds millions of bacteria. Instruct
your Filipino maid in Malaysia to disinfect every sponge not later than once a week.
You can either teach your maid in Malaysia to bleach or microwave the sponges.

2. Bath Mat

Are you surprised? Ask your Maid in Malaysia, the last time the bathroom door mat
was cleans last. You are always soaking the mat with water, providing an abode for
bacteria and mold to develop. You should ask your Filipino maid in Malaysia to
launder the mat not less than twice in a month using high heat or bleach.

3. Laundry Basket

Imagine that this important item is often forgotten not just by your Maid in
Malaysia but also by you. After keeping all the underwear, sweaty gym cloths, and
smelling beddings, the laundry basket still get ignored. It’s your fault if your Filipino
Maid in Malaysia isn’t cleaning the laundry basket, maybe you never told her to.

4. Kitchen Handle, Knobs and Switch

You may not notice, just go take a look at the switches in your kitchen, the handles
also, they are always messy. Discolored and harboring bacteria, your kitchen knobs
are also a target. Instruct your maid in Malaysia to clean those places if possible on a
daily basis. Your Filipino maid in Malaysia will find it odd, just ask them to do it.

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