How Do You Know Your Maid Won’t Steal From You?

How Do You Know Your Maid Won’t Steal From You?

The security to individual property is always in a perpetual state of threat, and the services of a maid could be either a source of security to such properties or that of increased vulnerability. In Malaysia; like anywhere else in the world, home management is a very cumbersome task. From cooking, to cleaning the dishes, surrounding, inner home, kids (if any) and so many other everyday chores in the home, the services of a maid in Malaysia might just be but an inevitable one to acquire. To get the services of a maid in Malaysia, it is best advised to link up with a maid agent in Malaysia or a maid agency in Malaysia, Filipino maid agencies being more advisable for the best of Philippines maid services.

When securing the services of a maid, always note that as humans, maids also steal. A maid that steals is like a robber within the home which should never be tolerated for any known reason whatsoever. How do you now know if a maid would steal from you or not? Below is a little tip to go with:

  1. Employ only registered maids from maid agencies in Malaysia: – maids without links are often very difficult to trace and also very dangerous to employ. One essential advantage of employing the services of a maid agent or maid agencies is that they would’ve done a preliminary investigation on the character of the individual they are about to recruit into their agencies, a process through which ones with questionable characters would’ve been discarded. Aside the proper background check on prospective maids, maid agencies also subject their maids to a series of proper home management training to ensure effective services delivery. Maid agents and agencies simply serves as an insurance cover for the maid you employ in case of an improper conduct from the maid, maybe in situation of theft.

  2. Don’t just employ registered maids, employ maids from a reputable registered maid agency: – not all maid agencies are to be trusted, some use maids as agents of infiltration.  When seeking to employ a maid in Malaysia for example, contact only reputable and registered maid agency in Malaysia to provide you with the required services of an house help. When a good maid is secured, it no doubt enhances home security, even as against any external intrusion.

  3. Play careless with little things as a form of test: – conducting a few integrity tests for a newly acquired maid service wouldn’t be a mean thing to do. Opportunity as they say makes the thief and an uncaught thief is considered saint. While some individuals could be so smart enough to have no record of theft which their agency could look into in the process of her recruitment, a few careless but conscious stunts with a few ringgits from the employer could expose the antics of a stealing maid.

  4. Make assessment through personal interview: – having employed the services of a maid from a reputable maid agency, an employer can also engage the maid in a series of one-on-one interview to access its dreams and aspirations. If such surpasses their earnings and potentials, then such could plunder to attain its desired goal.

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