Do’s and Don’ts treat your maid

Do’s and Don’ts treat your maid

Often hear about maids service Malaysia who have been injured, beaten, locked up without food for a few days and various social issues that occur to them. Furthermore, some come from far to find money to continue their lives. worthy of being treated like this?

Let’s see how to treat your maid like a human:

  1. Introduce Maid’s background.

Before you meet her, tell your children about her background-where she came from beginning, work experience, and more.

  1. House Rule

In this way, he can be a disciplined person because he always follow the rules.  If they do a good job give praise to them and if they make a mistake you as employers need to resolve it.  Don’t start with scold your maid because your maid service.

  1. Explain your child’s attitude

This is important because your maid needs to know more about your child’s personality.  In this way, your maid will know what he needed to do and avoid.

  1. Make a respect with maid

Parents are a role model for your child. If you give instructions to your maid in an angry and abusive situation, your child will do the same.  So, you need to start with positive environment. Learn how to respect each other.

  1. Always Communicate

As parents and employers you always have to communicate with each other because this way you will be more aware of the situation at home and should be wise in solving any problems.  Do not side any parties even your child because if them wrong still wrong. 

  1. Maids are also human

Philippines maid malaysia also need to be treated well, so they always feel safe with their employers. As a good employers you need providing protection, food and necessity for their comfort.  If they are comfortable they will also happy to work.

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