Domestic worker dipped Singapore baby’s hand in hot pot so she could be sent home, child’s mother says

Domestic worker dipped Singapore baby’s hand in hot pot so she could be sent home, child’s mother says

  • The maid was arrested for hurting the baby after Amy Low shared CCTV footage on Facebook, which showed scald burns on the 16-month-old’s hand
  • Low said her kids have been badly affected by the incident and she won’t be hiring another helper any time soon
Singaporean Amy Low said her body started shaking when she first viewed CCTV footage of her domestic helper dipping the hand of her 16-month-old daughter into a hot pot on the stove in her flat’s kitchen.

The toddler has been having crying fits since the incident on January 14, her mother, who was still shaken, said on Wednesday.

The 40-year-old took to Facebook on Tuesday to chronicle her traumatic experience with her helper from Myanmar, whom she hired on December 7 last year. The post included the 46-second video, which has garnered close to 480,000 views and has been shared more than 4,100 times. It also includes photographs of scald burns on the toddler’s hand.

The police said the 30-year-old was arrested at Low’s flat in Block 992B Buangkok Link on January 15 after they were alerted to a case of voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous means. They added that investigations are ongoing.

Low, an accounts executive who also has an eight-year-old daughter, said her children have been badly affected by the incident. Her Facebook post stated that the pot was boiling, although it is not visible in the video.

“My daughter has been crying non-stop every night. Even when she is taking a nap, she’ll cry in her sleep. I think on top of feeling the pain in her hand, she is been getting nightmares,” said Low, speaking to TODAY over the phone.

She added that the incident has also taken a toll on her eldest daughter, who kept blaming herself for not taking care of her sister when, in fact, the eight-year-old was the one who alerted Low’s husband to the injuries the toddler had suffered.

Low said after the call from her eight-year-old, the couple rushed the toddler to a nearby clinic but they were later directed to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital’s accident and emergency department after the doctor said the burns were too serious.

She said that before viewing the video, she had asked the maid what happened. The woman explained that she was cooking in the kitchen and carrying the toddler at the same time when the child touched the pot that was on the kitchen stove.

Low said: “We never blamed her for the incident and believed what she said because she seems like a quiet and hardworking person,” she added.

But she felt something was off when the maid packed all her belongings and insisted on being taken back to the agency the next morning.

That prompted Low to check the CCTV cameras that she had installed a year ago to keep an eye on her children.

“When I saw the video, I was so angry and disappointed that I started shaking. How on earth can someone do this to a child?” said Low, adding that she immediately lodged a police report.

“When I asked her why she did that to my daughter, she told me she did it so that she can go home.”

Low also claimed that the maid had alleged that an agent from the employment agency had told her she could go home if she committed the act.

She also wrote in the post: “During this period, the agent kept threatening and harassing me. He accused me of being a bad employer – that I abused the maid hence (she) wanted to leave, which I never did.”

Low said she had lodged another police report against the agent.

In response to TODAY’s queries, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said that it is aware of Low’s social media post.

The ministry added that it is investigating the employment agency for a possible breach of the Employment Agencies Act.

Low said this was not the first time that the maid had requested to be sent home.

Two weeks before the incident, the maid had complained to Low about having stomach aches.

But when Low offered to send her to Sengkang General Hospital, she refused and asked to be sent home instead.

“Aside from that, she did not give me any problems and our relationship has been good,” she said.

Low said that she even trusted the maid enough to allow her eldest daughter to sleep with her.

“After this incident, I don’t think I can let another stranger into my house again,” she added.


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