3 Tips On Getting Along With Your Maid

3 Tips On Getting Along With Your Maid

A maid can turn a chaotic household into a well-oiled one. Understanding the personality of your maid and forging a relationship is the first step to having a peaceful working atmosphere. As you would have learned during your interaction with the maid agency Kuala Lumpur, your maid is an extra pair of hands that can bring sanity to your homes. A maid Malaysia will work as a nanny for your kids, clean the house, and cook lovely meals. That’s not all; the maid will take initiatives when you are absent in ensuring your home is in good order.

Maid service Malaysia will only succeed if you as the boss learn from onset to study and get along with you maid Malaysia. What many employers fail to understand is that building a relationship with your maid comes with immense benefits. This is why this article will enlighten you on how to be your maid Malaysia best friend and confidant.

1. Celebrate Special Occasions and Holidays
Start from day one to know her birthday or even those of her loved ones back at home. You would have been told of her birthday by the maid service Kuala Lumpur. On her special day, make her feel special by taking her out to have a special meal. Don’t end it there, relieve her of some duties on such days and let her feel loved.

Involve your entire family in the birthday celebration. You can also set reminders on your phone for the birthdays of her loved ones, and remind her on such days. Get her a special gift. However, it would be better to give her a cash gift. She won’t be able to use any gift you get her but would be able to spend the cash on anything she desires.

2. Communicate With Her Like a Family Member
They are living under your roof, spend good time with your kids, and are responsible for your foods. This makes them a part of the family, and you need to see them as one. Don’t talk to them in a way you can’t speak to an aunt, brother or cousin. Let her know you are always ready to listen to her and that her opinion matters.

A maid Malaysia should be asked of her mental and physical wellbeing regularly. When you notice she’s not feeling too well, let her take some time off and rest. When she performs excellently, give your maid Malaysia some praise. When she makes a mistake, talk to her tactfully, don’t rush to report her to the maid agency Kuala Lumpur.

3. Be Generous, and They’ll Treat You Well
Everyone loves to be treated fairly regardless of our position in life, including your maid Malaysia. Imagine giving your maid Malaysia a radio or a TV to unwind after a tiring day taking care of your home.

When you go on holidays, make sure you don’t leave them behind. Take her along and give her a travel allowance to buy her own souvenirs. It’s a two-way approach that will benefit you more as the employer.

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